Working from anywhere

… and loving what you do

When you’re a career woman with no-one else to consider, working the hours required (and many more) to achieve that promotion, salary increase and more importantly, the success and recognition you deserve is what you expect.

Working women are then faced with a choice if they decide to embark on becoming a parent.  Most Mums become the home-based parent in the early years, but often still crave that career and recognition despite the pull in the opposite direction of not missing a single minute of their child’s development. 

And sometimes the home-based parent is Dad – and that’s OK – but still creates the same set of challenges.  Parenting v. a satisfying career. 

That may not be the reason you’re looking for a change – you may just want a better work-life balance that doesn’t include commuting for hours a week or want to redesign your lifestyle.

These days there are so many work from home opportunities out there, you really do have a choice.  One thing we’ve all learned through 2020 is that working from home is not an elusive dream, for many careers it’s very possible.  If you’re looking for a career that fits into your parenting responsibilities or the lifestyle you want to have, a little bit of research and investigation will reveal a range of options.

Some home based roles now offer amazing career and income opportunities, with plenty of recognition for success along the way!

They are there, you just need to look for them!

Get focused first

  • Think about what you actually want to do
  • Have you an open mind to what might be out there?
  • What are your key skills that you can offer, what are you good at? what do you enjoy?
  • Do you want to work for someone else or learn how to run an online business?
  • Work out the hours you can commit, keeping a good balance at home

Once you have these things clear you can start your research:

  • Search online for working from home opportunities, part-time work etc. in your area.
  • Look at local press and local adverts, small local businesses with opportunities often just advertise locally (don’t forget the postcards in your newsagents window). 
  • Talk to your friends and network, many opportunities come from word of mouth.

In most desk-based jobs you can work from anywhere, anytime.

But if you’re thinking of starting your own business, also check out all the options.  

Traditional businesses are fantastic, but there are many other options too, like mini franchises with none of the set up costs, but all of the industry and market expertise, and the marketing already in place.

Just make sure you get the right kind of advice to get set up properly.

If you have a ‘can do’ positive attitude, people will want what you have to offer.  It really is up to you to make sure it’s a role and a life you love.

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