What difference does a coach make?

Recently I found myself coaching two separate individuals into new Executive roles. Different areas of work, professionalism, expertise, knowledge, strengths and weaknesses, but similar in terms of the stages identified and plan of action executed to deliver strategic business success.

We started by setting goals, to deliver their dreams or aspirations.  We identified the different stages and thinking process and meaning for each client. This led to specific actions for each stage. My approach consists of honest, ongoing dialogue and clear goals.

The relationship I develop with my clients is to help my clients become accountable and responsible for their own paths to success, and to be conscious of the things holding them back.

A structured approach creates the environment to help them become better at this over time and builds the path to achieve their potential.

Successful people have coaches

According to the Hay Group (a major human-resources consultancy), between 25–40% of Fortune 500 companies use coaching as a development tool.

Coaching hones leadership skills. It develops better communication – listening, questioning, empathy and approach and supports change processes.

Coaching is non-directive personal and professional development. Coaching helps in identifying new and creative options and a way forward in times of change or crisis. Getting a coach to help you during a major transition period can help you deal with significant issues in a professional way.

Coaches are usually very good at asking questions. This is an essential part of any business’s development; someone has to ask the hard questions and help you to get clarity on the way forward.  Then you need someone to hold your feet to the fire to make you accountable.

Coaching isn’t confined to the ‘business’ or ‘personal’ box. These two areas impact on each other and it’s important to resolve personal issues that impact on work performance – and to clear the way forward, reducing stress at work to enable a more relaxed personal life.

I help people to set and develop goals that stretch them beyond their comfort zone.  The focus is on improving performance, developing skills and providing valuable feedback to encourage greater self-awareness. 

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